C-Frame hydraulic Forging Press 25 t

I have designed and built a 25t, C-Frame forging press. I was heavily inspired by Coalironworks, a company building C-Frame presses. I spent a lot of time figuring things out and putting the design on paper. I’m happy to share the plans for building the main parts of this press and images of the inside in a PDF file. You can download it for a small contribution.

The main parts:

5 HP motor (I use a 3-phase 184TC motor and a VFD)

2-stage gear pump 13/3 gallons

Bell housing (to connect the pump to the C-face motor)

Spring-centered control valve

10-gallon tank with an in-tank filter on top

5” – 8” stroke cylinder (make sure to adapt the plans to your cylinder, not all have the same dimensions)

Find your local hydraulic shop and ask them for parts. They have distributors and will find the stuff you need. They will also prepare the hoses that you’ll need. Make sure to use protective sleeves on all hoses and high-temperature protection where needed.