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[Sticky] HLT/Boil indicator LED is ON even when SSR is in open state

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In test mode, I powered the unit and all was ok. When I select either HLT or BOIL on the element selector switch, I hear the corresponding contactor operate and the amber light on that side comes on. I thought your description says the light won’t come on until there is 240 v avail to the element. The SSR s aren’t closed yet so there isn’t 240v avail yet. There is 120v on one of the two power pins, the one one the contactor output, which seems correct. But why is the amber light on? Any help would be appreciated.

If the LED’s are dim, that’s normal behavior when the elements are not plugged in. The reason for that is that SSR’s are leaking a small amount of current even when they are in open state. You will see that it will stop once you’ve plugged in the elements.