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Boil and wort pump acting strange

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The control panel came out great using the E-manual and help from this forum.   Trial runs worked perfectly and finally was able to do my first Herms brew last week.   Lots of tweeking to do, but one strange occurrence was during the boil.   I know you don’t need to circulate during a boil, but I did bc I wanted my CF chiller in-line to sterilize.   During that time I notice either the pump would slow to stop or the boil intensity reduced dramatically.  The correction was to turn up the boil from 65% to 90% and both would work fine.   The boil during trial runs was rolling nicely at 65%.    Anyone else experience this happening?  Thx 

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I do the same thing to sterilize, but I start after the boil, just on flame out. 

It’s normal that the boil is weak when you start ricirculating as the chiller is still cold.